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About Cindy


A few things about me…

I love to bake.  My favorite go to desserts are Chocolate Chip Cookies and any type of brownie.  I love to attempt to make pretty cakes and I was so excited when I got married cause I could now have an excuse to make a fun Birthday Cake for my husband.  Except that he loves Green Mint Brownies in a sheet pan and that is ALL he wants.

My husband and I love to travel.  Before we had kids we were able to travel quite a bit.  We love Europe and could happily go on every vacation there for the rest of our lives because there is just SO MUCH TO SEE!

Speaking of kids…We are the proud parents of twin boys.  They are the light of our whole world and the coolest little guys.

I grew up on a dairy farm and I am super proud of that I know how to milk cows and drive tractors.

Speaking of dairy farming…I hate milk. Nothing to do with being raised around it all.  I just HATE the taste!

It took us over 4 years of infertility before being blessed with our two boys through Invitro. This can definitely be a sensitive subject for people, but I believe infertility needs to be talked about. So many people are dealing with it and suffering silently.  I hope to be someone anybody who is dealing with infertility can come to for a listening ear from someone who understands.

I love to read.

I love to play sports, especially Volleyball and Basketball and Baseball.  And Ping Pong.  Is that a sport?

My husband and I both come from great families who mean the world to us.  Twin Falls is a great central place for us because it is close for us to see both sides and visit often.

My husband and I are planning to one day live in the country, down a long beautiful lane, with pastures and fields completely surrounding our house, with 4 wheelers and horses and a big barn with plenty of room for our kiddos to run.

Oh and I have been a photographer all my life, but professionally taking portraits since 2011.

We all have a story.

I would love to capture yours.

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Cindy is a Wedding, Senior, and Family Photographer based in Twin Falls, Idaho and surrounding areas.



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